Gene Simmons Daughter Looks Like Cat In Surprising Photo


KISS icon Gene Simmons’ daughter Sophie Simmons looks absolutely stunning and marvelous in this newly released photo where she moans like a cat! Gene Simmons’ daughter was recently caught holding the hands of this famous singer. Simmons took to social media via Instagram to released this completely fetching photo of her moaning for the camera as she shows off her bad side wearing all black! She wrote, “when you and your babe are having joke fights and you turn into a 12 year old #meowmeowmeow.” Perhaps she is the Catwoman to Peter Criss’ Catman? KISS icon Gene Simmons’ daughter Sophie Simmons leaked her own text messages a few days ago. The photo can be seen below:

In other KISS news, KISS founding member and vocalist and founding member Ace Frehley was seen playing at a car dealership in East Hanover, New Jersey recently and members over at the KISS fan forum – KISSFAQ were having some light-hearted fun at the KISS icon’s expense over the development:

Vandelay Industries replied: “Give Ace a brake. He doesn’t care what a few airbags think. Turn off your blinkers and enjoy the show!”

Gene Simmons got ‘lucky’ with this woman in this new video. Reddinthesky said: “The car dealership circuit” lol. I feel horrible for laughing at that. I wonder what drove Ace to this. Maybe his pal Eddie Trunk will host.”

Capman pointed out: “Well, don’t let it be said that Ace’s team don’t miss a trick – VIP MnG is available for this free show – So you save around $30 on show ticket.”

whereas Satanssockpuppet was more forgiving: “Yep, Ace played at a car dealership…and it was fantastic. Cool stage setup and the sound was top-notch. I’ve been to hundreds of shows over the years and no joke, this was one of the loudest shows I’ve been to in years. Ace was spot-on and heavy as f*ck. Usual Ace setlist but he was in fine form, goofing around between songs. He did a lengthy solo too, just epic. Just a great time all around.”

Video from the event can be viewed below: