Steven Tyler ‘Forgets Lyrics’ At Aerosmith Concert


Over on the Aerosmith fan forum, Aeroforce, user Pillis posted a video from the 2020 MusiCares Person of the Year tribute concert in which the group was honored. Here, you can see acclaimed Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler missing his cue during one of the group’s performances that night. You can view the video below. Joey Kramer ‘skinny’ photo stuns Aerosmith fans.

In other news regarding Aerosmith, fans recently took to the subreddit for the group to give their take and opinion regarding the controversial Grammy lawsuit revolving Aerosmith and Joey Kramer, long time drummer for the band.

Orbit222 said: “Come on, it’s stupid to deny yourself good music because the people behind that good music did something stupid many decades later. The only person in the world feeling the hit from you deleting those albums is you. Assuming you’re on Joey’s side and you’re mad at the rest of the band for excluding him, that’s Joey’s life’s work that you’re deleting. Great way to honor him!” Howard Stern recently made this Aerosmith breakup announcement.

CrewMemberNumber6 replied: “And tell me exactly how Joey is being honored by the band leaving him out of the Grammy show?? The rest of the band should be ashamed of themselves for pulling such a bullshit stunt. A major slap in the face of you ask me. There are plenty of other great bands that I enjoy listening to but I hope they come their senses and issue an apology and let him back. This is no way to treat a “brother” of the band. Period.”

Whereas orbit222 responded back: “I did not say the band was doing right by him. You’re mad that they excluded him from this performance, so your reaction is to delete everything he’s accomplished in his professional life. Sounds like exactly what he’d want his fans to do, delete his music! Why settle for just his bandmates ignoring him when a lifetime of fans can also ignore his music?” Steven Tyler just ‘refused’ an Aerosmith tour idea.