Gene Simmons Daughter ‘Bunny Lingerie’ Photo Revealed


Do the bunny hop! Gene Simmons‘ daughter, the remarkable Sophie Simmons is looking like a seductive Playboy bunny in this new lingerie photo posted by fashion company Zana Bayne. Simmons looks sultry and sexy in this black bra ensemble complete with bunny ears. You can view the photo below! Gene Simmons’ daughter recently ‘rubbed’ in this tight skirt photo.

In other news revolving Sophie’s ‘Demon’ dad, Gene Simmons, fans recently took to social media to revisit Gene Simmons’ classic solo album. One fan wrote: “My personal favorite of the solo albums. The reason being is that it has twists and turns that keep it interesting and covers a wider range of subject matter not just love, lust and getting wasted. The majority of reviewers say get Ace’s album it’s the best. I got Ace’s for my eighteenth birthday and it was great then, it has three songs from nine about getting wasted plus one is an instrumental- Fractured Mirror.”

Gene Simmons’ daughter bends over in this cowgirl photo. The fan continues: “Gene’s album stands the test of time as an intriguing piece of work full of depth, insight, and tongue in cheek humor that goes over most people’s heads. Plus it is the best produced of the solo albums, Big bottom end. Gene did not skimp on the production, reportedly spending over a million dollars, and in 1978 that was the most spent on an album by far. Just flying in all the special guest stars must have cost a small fortune, but it worked. Sean Delany co-produced and gave the album a great kick drum and bass sound. I have recently been listening to Double Platinum and been comparing the Delany remixes to the original tracks and I tell you what, he succeeds at improving most of the tracks. It would have been great if he remixed the first 3 albums as those tracks off of Double Platinum benefit the most. Sure the guitars could have had a bit more bite on Gene’s Solo Album but it’s a minor gripe.”

The fan also says: “Gene would never be able to reproduce this success at this consistent level ever again, it’s like he threw all the pieces up in the air and they landed perfectly. Even the re-done See You In Your Dreams song fits perfectly into the tapestry segueing into When You Wish Upon A Star. Gene was in his creative and arrogant prime and just went with it and didn’t second guess himself. I view this album as a sort of concept album, from the evil intro we meet a happy go lucky monster who is consumed by lust but through his journeys, he develops deeper feelings. The message is, that if you are focussed on your fantasies/dreams They Will Come True… Lovely!” Gene Simmons’ daughter ‘loses weight’ in stunning photo.