Motley Crue Icon Caught Yelling At Wife In Video


Motley Crue icon Tommy Lee was playfully yelling at his wife, Brittany Furlan Lee in this fun Instagram video where the two have a mock argument lip-syncing to System of a Down’s classic 2001 hit, Chop Suey. A Motley Crue member recently made a sad car accident claim. The full video can be viewed below.

In other Motley Crue news, fans on the motley Crue Facebook page were discussing the thirty-sixth anniversary of “Shout of The Devil”, Motley Crue’s legendary second studio album and it’s legacy:

Nikki Sixx dropped a Motley Crue reunion bombshell earlier this week. Rik said: “Wow! I remember buying this album because I saw the add in Hit Parader magazine when I was in high school. Never heard one song before picking it up at Turtles record & tapes. I loved every song on this album. I was hooked. Saw them open for Ozzy on the Bark at the Moon about 6 months later. Been seeing Crüe ever since throughout the years. One of my all-time favorite bands.”

A Motley Crue icon made a disturbing AIDS claim last week. Whereas Charles put: “Great 80s music 1st time I saw crue they opened for Ozzy, wearing black leather and rocking hard! Next time I saw them, they were headlining on the theatre of pain tour, wearing pink spandex and playing a white baby grand piano”

Kym replied: “I can remember my mom saying..”I can’t believe you listen to this devil music” and I told my mom “they are shouting AT the devil mom.. not WITH the devil”

And Tammy chimed in with: “I remember seeing the Looks That Kill video at a friend’s house for the first time. That was the first I had ever heard of Motley Crue and I have been hooked ever since.”