Gene Simmons Daughter Kisses Older Woman In Photo


KISS icon Gene Simmons has shared a new tribute to his lovely late mother, featuring her giving his daughter Sophie Simmons a beautiful kiss. Gene Simmons’ daughter recently revealed a photo of herself sleeping in bed.

Gene wrote, “Thank you, Becky Kilpatrick for this amazing quilt. It means the world to me. And I know the passing of your mother must have broken your heart. Thank you again.”

Goady wrote in a review of the KISS show on Thursday in Denver, Colorado on, “I flew in from Thailand, originally for the California gigs but re-routed myself at last minute and great expense to go to Denver for my first EOTR gig.
Wow!!! I was seated seat 1 next to Paul’s mini stage. Had a fabulous view of the stage and of course Paul during Gun and Loving You.

Have seen Kiss many times on various tours since 1984. It topped them all apart from the equal excitement I felt for Donnington Park, UK reunion tour.”

Gene Simmons revealed what his Slash did with his wife earlier this week. Goady added in his review, “I had stayed away as much as possible from reviews and video clips, which has been a real challenge for so many months, so most was a real shock for me, in a positive way.

Yes it was the same show they have done in make up for years and years but the staging & pyrotechnics is transformed and most of all, I don’t recall ever seeing Gene and Paul look so happy on stage.

Backing tracks? I heard plenty of f**k ups (but nothing that spoiled the show) so I really cannot tell on that but even if there are, I just don’t give a fuck.
Thank you KISS, you’re going out in style!!!” Paul Stanley recently made a bold Gene Simmons daughter claim.