Gene Simmons Reveals What Wife Did With Slash


KISS icon Gene Simmons revealed that his lovely wife Shannon Tweed Simmons sang with big names including Slash on a video for his 70th birthday party. Gene Simmons’ daughter rejected a man hitting on her a few days ago online.

“Thank U Shannon, Soph, Nick, Paul, Tommy, Eric, Doc, Slash, Duff McKagen, Johnny Depp, Joe Perry, Alice Cooper, Roger Daltrey, Paul Rodgers, Tom Morello, Jon BonJovi & band singing The Beatles ‘Birthday’, & Ringo Starr!!! for wishing me good birthday wishes in our video 😎.”

Gene Simmons’ wife recently sent a touching message to Paul Stanley. dglaize posted a review of KISS’ show on Sunday in San Antonio on the forums, “So now with KISS. First observation I noticed was the stage. It’s one thing to see it on video. It’s another thing to see it in person. By far I enjoyed this stage more than any other. Excellent job with stage design and lighting. I will also say this is the most pyro I have ever seen them use. I have heard people knock them for not doing anything different with the stage show. Where there are certain things they do tour to tour they have tweaked it somewhat.

Much of the tweaking deals with the lighting system they are using I would say. I mean what are you wanting them to do? A KISS show is a KISS show… If it’s not broken don’t try to fix it. Yes I have been a dedicated fan since 75. Does not mean I am a kiss-ass because I am not overly critical? NO! I just look at this way… Would I have regretted not going to this show? The answer is yes I would. I know people are also critical of the set-list.

I personally liked it. Of course you can always say you would like this song instead of that song. But I will say I liked the order of the songs they used. With all that said I would definitely recommend going. My of fate I will be going to the Houston show tonight. So if you decide to go, do it with an open mind and just go out and enjoy the experience.” Gene Simmons’ daughter recently sat in mud.