Gene Simmons Daughter Sleeping In Bed Photo Revealed


KISS icon Gene Simmons’ beautiful daughter Sophie Simmons has uploaded a photo of herself taking a daytime nap! Gene Simmons recently revealed what his wife did with Slash and Jon Bon Jovi.

KISS played an ‘End of the Road’ tour show in Albuquerque, New Mexico on Wednesday, and EnemyofKISS posted a review on the forums.

“Great show, lots of fun. My wife is not a KISS fan and she still had a great time. Setlist was standard. Paul’s flying gimmick failed to bring him back to the stage at the end of, ‘I Was Made For Lovin’ You.’ It took him just a few feet from his platform/stage and dangled him over the fence and crowd, they got him down and a large cluster of security escorted him through the audience back to the stage.”

Gene Simmons’ daughter recently rejected a man hitting on her. EnemyofKISS added,”No Gene and Tommy over the crowd either, they just went up on those standard on-stage platforms at the end of ‘Rock and Roll All Nite.’ Lots of drunks dancing especially during, ‘I Was Made…’, pretty funny. The sound was great, very bass-heavy without being distorted (the folks up front must’ve had their brains scrambled by the bass, it was loud but sounded great on the lawn).

Our Lyft driver said the KISS crowd seemed smaller than the country concerts that she drives people to/from, for those that are interested in crowd size.” Gene Simmons’ daughter recently sat in mud.