Gene Simmons Daughter Caught ‘Making Out’ In Video


Gene Simmons’ daughter, the artistic and beautiful Sophie Simmons was looking for her daily dose of puppy love as she recently shared this video snippet of herself smooching with her pooch. While some celebrities might only post a picture with their furry friend, Simmons went all out and went the extra mile by showing a little TLC towards her canine companion. You can view this video snippet below. Gene Simmons’ daughter was spotted with Vince Vaughn.

In other news regarding Sophie’s father, Gene Simmons. Fans recently took to social media to relieve Gene’s landmark debut self-titled album for the group KISS, released originally in 1975. This KISS icon recently claimed Gene Simmons is lying about retirement.

One reviewer wrote: “I personally think that this may be some of their best and most creative work, and if I remember right, Gene’s favorite of all of their albums. If you’re looking for the absolute best of the best rock bands, that are flawless with their music and production perfect, that’s just not KISS. But, if you’re looking for a band that just had a great time with people, they are definitely that. That being said, there are some great tunes on this record.. From Firehouse, to Strutter, Cold Gin, to Black Diamond, it’s good rock. I’ve heard people that were die-hard fans loathe the Love Theme, but it’s actually pretty good. Take away the makeup and pyrotechnics and the hype, and you get classic 70’s rock. That’s what you get here, on dead-quiet 180g vinyl. Make no mistake, it’s fun to listen to to. A vintage album that’s been around a long time, and a good one.” 

This KISS member revealed if Gene Simmons uses drugs. Whereas another fan put:  “It’s the very first KISS unleashed on the world! It’s amazing that this album was released in Feb. of ’74 and so many songs off this debut album are still in the KISS setlist today including Deuce, Black Diamond, Strutter, etc. Paul Stanley wrote “Firehouse” while he was still in high school and “Cold Gin” was written by Ace Frehley who didn’t feel confident enough to sing thus we have Gene Simmons singing it! It’s interesting also that this album wasn’t pushed by the label or distribution companies when it was released and began to sell by the growing fanbase and word of mouth. It is now regarded as one of the best debuts by any band. I just decided to get the reissue on the 180 vinyl and may get the rest. In any case, a fantastic album whether on record, cassette, or CD.”