Jimmy Page Reveals Painful Robert Plant Secret


Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page discussed his final major Los Angeles performance with Robert Plant, and why he secretly hated it in a new social media post. Jimmy Page recently reacted to a bad disease.

“On this day in 1998, I played the Hollywood Bowl with Robert Plant.⁣ Well here it was, the famed Hollywood Bowl with its history of spellbinding performances. For me, the first time to be playing it (neither Yardbirds nor Led Zeppelin had appeared here).

The venue itself has quite a charm and is truly iconic and during this tour we were only to play this one show in LA. Imagine our dismay when we launched into a spirited version of Wanton Song to look to the audience and see the front row is empty, going back quite a distance. The missing persons managed to appear around the beginning of Ramble On. ⁣

Yes, you’ve probably guessed it, LA: golden ticket, side of stage, champagne tents… unknown to me, we were now a commodity being sold on what I think of as a corporate ticket!”

Robert Plant revealed terrible news from a doctor in a recent interview. Page recently told Uncut magazine why Led Zeppelin were the greatest band, “It’s really hard to say something like that and not sound conceited, but over the years, a lot of other musicians have told me they thought we were the best. I’m not talking about record sales or concert attendance, although I think we can hold our own with anyone. What I mean is: when you talk about a band as a collaborative musical unit, we were the best.

“I am not talking about one or two genius songwriters, and everyone else tagging along. I am talking about a collection of musicians who are each at the top of their craft in their own right. In Led Zeppelin, we were exactly that.” Jimmy Page recently revealed who ruined the Led Zeppelin reunion.