Greta Van Fleet Gross Bathroom Accident Revealed


Greta Van Fleet are based around the Kiszka brothers, and their mother Karen recently told the First Ladies of Comedy about the boys having accidents in their diapers as babies. Alternative Nation transcribed her comments. Greta Van Fleet’s singer threatening to quit was revealed yesterday.

Co-Host: What was it like changing their diapers?

Karen Kiszka: Well, I’ve got stories about that! You try changing diapers on twins when they start rolling.

Co-Host: Oh my gosh, how in the world! And did they didn’t have all the fancy contraptions that they have now. Did you ever tie them to you? Like the babywearing apparatus?  Did you ever do that?

Kiszka: No my cousin had the sling and she told me to do the sling but I didn’t do it. But Kelly and I would wear them. I had a back and a front one.

Co-Host: On both sides?!

Kiszka: We would wear them back and forth because we had four little ones. It was crazy, it was fun.

Greta Van Fleet getting a bad paycheck for concerts was recently revealed by their mother.

Co-Host: Boy you got a nice uterus!


Co-Host: Karen Kiszka with the nicest uterus in the town.

Kiszka: Well thank you.

Co-Host: What a lovely home you’ve provided.

Kiszka: I think it was the breasts, I think it was the breast milk that did it.


Co-Host: Good job.

Greta Van Fleet’s singer going crazy at Disneyland was recently revealed.