Gene Simmons Daughter Reveals KISS Show Lip Syncing


Gene Simmons‘ daughter, the sexy Sophie Simmons showed her support for her dad and his iconic rock group Kiss by singing along to one of Kiss’ most famous songs. Here, you can view an uploaded video from Simmons in which she is having a ball with one of her close boy buddies below. Gene Simmons daughter ‘puffy’ new photo revealed.

Gene Simmons daughter dances in white shirt photo. In other news revolving ‘The hottest band in the land’, fans took to one of the most premiere Kiss fan forums, Kissfaq to discuss where they believe each member, including Gene Simmons will be in five years. One member, redinthesky wrote: “Not going for laughs – Paul and Gene will still push new Kiss products and releases. Individually – Paul will be out of music (maybe write some more books), Gene will produce a band or two and write a song here and there for whomever, Tommy (who will still do KISS work) will play in some capacity but most likely in a tribute band, and Eric will keep playing on low-level makeshift bands (like Union-types).

AceyAintInCharge put: “I’ll be honest without reading any of the responses…I hope that Gene or Paul finally get serious about giving us some re-releases. I know there is much they could do in that realm. I hope it actually happens. I’m jealous of fans of other bands that I’ve done really remarkable things on the re-issue front.”

Gene Simmons daughter ‘licking’ video revealed. While another member, Andreww1962 predicted: “Gene will continue to flog any piece of crap he can and will do a lot of small speaking engagements for big bucks. Paul will paint, do the Soul Station thing, and be a little more low key. Tommy and Eric will do the autograph circuit at things like Comicon and the like and hopefully, write their memoirs.”