Gene Simmons Daughter Stuns Dad With Revealing Outfit


Gene Simmons’ daughter, the seductive Sophie Simmons looks dashing and daring in this classic photo where she poses with her mother, Shannon Tweed as well as her dear ole KISS rocker dad. The event took place at a fancy charity event in Southampton, New York. More specifically The Children Matter’, an exclusive charity event benefiting MATTER & The Starkey Hearing Foundation presented by Bridgehampton Benefit at Southampton Arts Center. Gene Simmons daughter rant leaked recently: ‘Please Leave Me Alone’.

Gene Simmons’ daughter revealed this Christmas outfit recently. Sophie looks stunning in this see-through mesh black ensemble with a leather skirt and it’s no secret that her hair and makeup game is on point as well. You can view the photo below.

In other news regarding Sophie’s father Gene and his wildly successful band, KISS – fans of the band recently took to social media to reflect on the legacy and impact regarding the ‘hottest band in the land’s’ landmark studio album, entitled ‘Hotter Than Hell.’

Mylz wrote: “There’s no denying that KISS’s tastiest morsels came from the seventies. ‘Hotter Than Hell’, along with their self-titled debut, just sits a notch below the more famed and acclaimed ‘Destroyer’. This second offering, released in the same year of their first, is more solid than their first although it lacks the thrilling climactic tracks of their debut. Most of the songs are sung by Gene, who carries and lifts the album with the boisterous “Let Me Go, Rock ‘n’ Roll”, the enigmatic “Watchin’ You”, the driving and energetic “Parasite”, and with one of Kiss’s all-time best songs, “Goin’ Blind”. “Got To Choose” and “Hotter Than Hell” have long achieved classic status (by ‘classic’ I mean concert staple) and sound as if they could have come off their debut, echoing tracks like the upbeat “Nothin’ To Lose” and “Firehouse”.

They continued: “The two weakest songs on the album, “All the Way” and “Mainline”, fail to pack the musical meat with the latter being guilty of containing cornball lyrics such as “I’m needin’ some lovin’, I’m hot like an oven, it’s so true…”. Despite “Mainline” being a bit of a lemon, Peter [Criss], as usual, nails his vocals, and delivers one of the most outstanding performances here with “Strange Ways”. There’s no doubt that Hotter Than Hell is a Kiss essential album. However, if you consider sound quality an important issue, know that even this remastered edition sounds somewhat rough and muddy.” Gene Simmons daughter was recently caught in bed with young models.

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