Green Day Singer Calls Out ‘Drunk Buffoon’ At Club


Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong recently discussed the new album ‘Father Of All…’ in a magazine article. When it was mentioned that it is a rock record when rock party albums are in short supply, Armstrong said he figuratively felt like a ‘drunk buffoon’ at a club dancing. A Green Day member holding a massive amount of hemp was revealed in a photo a couple days ago.

Yeah, it’s that, but it’s also depressing a little bit. It’s like that moment where you’re being a drunk buffoon crawling on the dance floor, going, ‘I think I lost my phone.”

“There are political moments on the record, but I didn’t want to beat on the drum that everyone has been beating on. I’m bored of talking about Donald Trump. It’s exhausting and depressing.”

Billie Joe Armstrong had drinks with a Guns N’ Roses member in a photo yesterday. With Green Day putting out a new album, fans on Reddit recently suggested that Billie Joe Armstrong should go on the Joe Rogan Experience, like Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme just did.

Tamparockout17 posted, “Joe Rogan should bring Billie onto his podcast. If you don’t agree you’re a f***ing nerd.”

Nickinthehouse responded, “I would love to hear from Billie in a long form discussion. I wasn’t impressed with his most recent interview in Rolling Stone or the interviews after FOAMF dropped. He comes across as slightly disinterested and bored. I’d love to hear what Rogan could pull out of him in two hours.”

Glenn_stefani commented, “I’m partially a nerd. I just can’t really get into Joe Rogan. I really enjoy some of the comedians in his circle of friends, but there’s just a douchiness and a cadence to his voice that makes it tough for me to listen to his podcast. I’d really like to hear a 3-hour interview with Billie, though.” Billie Joe Armstrong was recently spotted with a rock icon’s widow.