Gene Simmons Drops Elvis Presley Death Bombshell


Wyatt recently opened up on Download being KISS’s last ever show on UK soil. Gene Simmons had also joined in.

Gene Simmons talks about Elvis Presley

During an interview on Planet Rock, Simmons stated that it is the last ever time in “Blighty for the ‘stage KISS’. I’m 72, I still have hair, I have quite a lot more on back unfortunately and they call me Chewbacca Ass! There’s so much hair on my butt I’ve got to put a part in otherwise it sticks.”

He noted that everything comes down to pride and one should know when to leave with dignity because “you love the fans and you appreciate… it’s too soft of a word, we’re forever grateful for this astonishing journey because without the fans we wouldn’t be here.”

He then went on to speak about the boxers who stayed performing for a long time during their career and also talked about the late great Elvis Presley. Here is what he said:

“But having said that, we’ve all seen boxers who’ve stayed in the ring too long. Or poor Elvis (Presley) who ended up naked, bloated on a bathroom floor in Vegas. That ain’t Elvis. Quit while you’re on top. Quit while you have something that resembles people’s preconceived notion of you. Remember we walk out there and introduce ourselves with ‘You wanted the best, you’ve got the best, the hottest band in the world KISS!’ Not like ‘oh I remember them when they were really good, you should have seen them back in year one or year two.’ No it’s right here, right now and if you can’t deliver the goods on a certain level have the self-respect to say ‘thank you and we’re done.’ We’re approaching 50 years – how long can you do it?”