Gene Simmons Stunning Police Photo Revealed


KISS icon Gene Simmons revealed a new photo of himself with two New York police officers. He tweeted, “New York’s Finest: Officer Chin and Officer Cooney!!!” Simmons recently filmed video of his daughter dancing.

KISS fans on the band’s Reddit recently discussed some surprising guest session players over the years on their records. Tom Sawyer wrote, “KISS had tons of session players. Also, Paul, Ace, and Bruce have all played bass on a few things. These things often happen to cop a certain feel, or sometimes it’s because someone wasn’t there that day.

Anton Fig played drums, Rick Derringer did a solo, and Tommy Thayer hauled a good chunk of Psycho Circus.” astaten0 responded, “My favorite KISS factoid is that the song Creatures of the Night features Steve Farris from Mr. Mister on lead guitar, and Mike Porcaro from Toto on bass.”

Tom Sawyer also wrote, “Gene is a great bass player. He’s no Geddy or Claypool, but he’s a solid, solid rock bassist. However, Gene is a businessman and the music was never the primary thing. The music was part of the brand KISS, so he was busy with other facets, and women.”

A stunning Gene Simmons eating photo was revealed last week. Paul Stanley recently discussed the End of the Road tour with Sydney Morning Herald, “This is our victory lap. It’s us celebrating everything we created with our audience and with our fans. It’s that time for people who’ve been with us over the years to come and celebrate all that we’ve had together. There’s people who’ve never seen us before and they’re leaving the show and thinking, ‘Why didn’t I come to this earlier?’ It’s terrific.”

“People who experience KISS really are affected by it in a way that goes beyond it being a rock band. It’s fascinating and amazing to be at these shows nightly and see parents and grandparents who want their offspring to experience what they experienced. It’s far beyond typical rock bands, where you hate the idea of your little brother being there, or your neighbor. KISS is an amazing tribe and it’s incredibly gratifying.”