Glee Actress Posts Sad Taylor Hawkins Message


Ten years have passed since the untimely passing of beloved actor and musician Cory Monteith, known for his iconic role as Finn Hudson on the hit television series “Glee.” On this poignant anniversary, his co-star and former partner, Lea Michele, took to Instagram to share a heartfelt tribute, honoring his memory and reflecting on their profound connection. In an emotional twist, she also mentioned Taylor Hawkins, expressing her hope that Cory and the late Foo Fighters drummer were reunited in the ethereal realms, creating harmonies on celestial drum sets.

In a touching Instagram post, Lea Michele opened her heart and let her grief spill out onto the screen, as she commemorated a decade without Cory Monteith. She shared a poignant black-and-white photograph of the late actor, accompanied by a heartfelt caption that resonated with fans around the world. Michele’s words were filled with a bittersweet mix of longing, love, and remembrance, encapsulating the deep impact Cory had on her life.

As reported by Reddit – Among the heartfelt sentiments, one particular phrase caught the attention of fans and music enthusiasts alike. Michele expressed her hope that Cory had found Taylor Hawkins in the afterlife, envisioning the two talented souls coming together to play drums in harmonious synchronization. This unexpected mention of Taylor Hawkins, the renowned drummer of the Foo Fighters, added an intriguing layer to Michele’s tribute, underscoring the significance of music in the lives of those being honored.

One fan said: “He was my first big celebrity passing that I remember in real-time. Where I was, how I cried and messaged all my friends. Tumblr was a hard time as well. Finding out at school, I couldn’t believe he was gone. I was enamoured with him and thought he would be big then he passed! Glee wasn’t the same.”

By connecting Cory Monteith and Taylor Hawkins through her tribute, Lea Michele highlighted the power of music to transcend time and space, weaving together the spirits of kindred musical souls. It serves as a testament to the profound impact that both Cory and Taylor had on her life and the way their music resonated with her on a personal level. In this heartfelt gesture, Michele invited fans to contemplate the possibility of a musical reunion beyond the physical realm, where talented musicians continue to create and inspire.

The anniversary of Cory Monteith’s passing not only brings forth a wave of nostalgia for the impactful television show “Glee” and its talented cast but also serves as a reminder of the fragility of life and the enduring legacy of those we have lost. Lea Michele’s Instagram tribute beautifully encapsulates the profound emotions that accompany such anniversaries, expressing her enduring love for Cory while imagining a celestial collaboration with Taylor Hawkins.