Howard Stern Reveals Offensive John Lennon Remark


Howard Stern recently published his great new book Howard Stern Comes Again, which features Howard discussing some of his favorite interviews. Howard recently revealed why it was tough to enjoy interviewing The Beatles icon Paul McCartney, despite Paul being a nice guy and one of his favorite musicians. He also discussed John Lennon.

Howard: When John made that statement, “We’re bigger than Jesus.” In a way, I get it. When you write that many hit songs, it’s almost like every song is a hit. It’s godlike. Back then it was unheard of. It’s still unheard of. It’s like a Bible.

Paul: Yeah, and also he didn’t mean it how it came out. It sounded very arrogant. What he meant was, those days the church was in a bit of a state. No one was going to church. Nobody was bothering to.

Howard: Nobody had a religious feeling.

Paul: Congregations were low. He was sort of saying really, “Get your act together, because we are bigger than Jesus at the moment.” Which infuriated—I still got a picture burnt into my memory of some young blond white kid when we were down in Lord knows where, Alabama or somewhere, hammering on the window of our tour bus looking like he was going to try and kill us. It was like, “Slow down, kid.”

McCartney added that he didn’t view Lennon as being anti-religious with what he said, and that he moreso was pointing out that they didn’t have their act together. You can get Howard Stern Comes Again on Amazon.