Green Day Member Announces Stunning ‘Cancer Treatment’


Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt discussed his wife using CBD and THC as she recovered from breast cancer treatment in a new Ebaum’s World interview. Frances Bean Cobain recently reacted to a bad Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong photo leaking.

The interviewer asked, “When you wife went through her breast cancer treatment, did cannabis play a role in her recovery?”

Dirnt responded, “My wife uses CBD and THC for a medicinal purposes post-cancer that, by her words, definitely helps her body and her aches and pains. I think a holistic, “nature’s medicine” approach to the aches and pains that life hands you is always a good thing to look into. We did a video recently that really tells that story and how her experience played a role in us getting involved with the cannabis farm.”

A Green Day new album leak was just revealed. CyanKnux posted on Reddit recently about a controversial Green Day album, “¡Uno! May be my favorite Album, Help. I just listened to it for the first time in 4 years and I really liked it. Is it an unpopular opinion to really like ¡Uno! or is that common. Nuclear family, Sweet 16, Oh Love, and Stay The Night are the standouts but I really liked every song. I think this is a problem…”

Ass Salad responded, “Yes it is a problem. how dare you have your own opinion on an album? even worse, how dare you have an unpopular opinion? I recommend seeking cognitive behavioral therapy and taking anti-¡Uno! pills asap.”

JoshuaBananas chimed in, “I honestly agree. I love Uno, even if there’s some cringe moments in it. I personally can listen to it all the way through, unlike dos. Stay the Night is my favorite song from the album (and possibly the trilogy) and i think ot shouldve been on God’s Favorite Band instead of Oh Love.”

Malice_Draven wrote, “Out of the Trilogy, Uno is definitely my favorite. It still has some weak points, but I find it more memorable than Dos or Tre. I can barely remember anything from Tre aside from Brutal Love and DRB.”

You can read the full Mike Dirnt interview at Ebaum’s World.