Green Day Reveal Sad Truth About Kurt Cobain


Billie Joe Armstrong has been a huge mainstay in music. Not only have Green Day dominated in just about every generation that they’ve been around for – but they have also been able to be around very legendary acts as well that they have seen come and go. The lead singer of Green Day, Billie Joe Armstrong had some very choice words for a fan favorite in Nirvana recently.

Not one to ever lash out too hard (unless his music gets cut off), Billie Joe said a great deal of positive affirmations when it came to Nirvana in a recent statement. Armstrong spoke about a time that he and the rest of Green Day were playing a show at someone’s house and Nirvana was there to watch Green Day play. This was the only time that the bands had ran into one another. It should be noted that this was before ‘Nevermind’ came out, so Nirvana was still easy to access at the time.

When the aforementioned album eventually drop, Billie Joe was left stunned at the creation as he clamored that the Beatles had just been reincarnated in Nirvana and Kurt Cobain.

Billie Joe stated the following: “I remember hearing it when Nevermind came out and just thinking, we’ve finally got our Beatles, this era finally got our Beatles, and ever since then it’s never happened again. That’s what’s interesting. I was always thinking maybe the next 10 years. OK, maybe the next 10 years, OK, maybe. … That was truly the last rock ‘n’ roll revolution.”

Of course, the above statement about there never being another rock revolution is a personal take by Armstrong. Some would argue that the 2000s Pop Punk/Hardcore/Metal scene was another huge pop for genres of rock music. In fact, Green Day’s ‘American Idiot’ helped to solidify the ‘Emo era’ pretty impactfully.