Green Day Singer Confirms ‘Sudden’ Death In Photo


Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong was devastated by the death of legendary Bay Area photographer Murray Bowles in a new Instagram post. Armstrong shared 1234 Records’ post which said, “After so many years of inspiration from his photos of others it’s so moving to see others post so many photos of him.

Just like if there was no Lookout Records the bulk of the east bay scene might have gone unnoticed and forgotten, Murray Bowles photography helped etch it in to history and the hearts of countless others who weren’t there to experience it first hand. His massive body of work and impact it had on myself and so many others is just staggering. RIP Murray and thank you.”

Billie Joe Armstrong made a Green Day ‘quitting’ claim a few days ago. Mrmagcore posted on Reddit, “He took the punkest picture of me that will ever exist, standing naked on the drum stool at Gilman, flipping off the crowd. I think he took the punkest picture of pretty much everyone. He’ll be missed sorely.”

Crass0405 said, “When we go out tonight Gotta get my hair just right Bondage pants with 2 inch sole I’ll get my picture with Murray Bowles.” Cgg419 chimed in, “Great tune. First thing I thought of when I saw this.”

Chopselmcity wrote, “I was gutted to hear this today. I met him when I was in Oakland in 2011. Great stories.”

FeckinDave said, “I’ve had the pleasure of serving him half pour beers for almost two years. I had no idea he was such a bad ass legend. Super humble and kind. I’m gonna miss this guy.”

Stevothedog wrote, “Growing up in the Far East Bay during the 80’s my ideals of punk were shaped by three major influences. The music and lyrics of Jello and the Dead Kennedys, the reporting of Tim Yohannan and MRR, and the visuals of Murray Bowled. Sadly today all three are gone, RIP Murray you made me Punker…”

Boredandtiredbroke commented, “Damn Murray died? Damn seen him so many times in the south bay takin pictures. His work was awesome, documented so much I’ve 30 years in the bay. He was a good dude, friendliest man you’d ever meet.” Howard Stern dropped a Green Day money bombshell recently.