Dave Grohl Calls Out Pat Smear Mistake At Foo Fighters Show


Dave Grohl and Pat Smear shared a humorous moment at a Foo Fighters show in Las Vegas a few days ago, as Grohl discussed why Foo Fighters will never do a Christmas album like Bing Crosby, and he appeared to want Pat Smear to take part in the banter, but he wasn’t paying attention when Grohl turned to him. Grohl hilariously said, “Pat’s not listening, but he would agree with me if he were. Hey Pat, where you at?” He then asked Chris Shiflett to play a guitar solo while Pat ‘regrouped.’ Grohl also said, “Earth to Pat.”

A Foo Fighters member discussed being ‘erased’ on an album by Dave Grohl. Foo Fighters fans recently discussed Dave Grohl’s custom guitar, and making a copy of it. CallMeJeeJGood Grief posted, “I already have a replica of the blue dg335, but I’m a total maniac and want to complete the collection so I picked up this guitar kit on eBay for under $200. I fix guitars for a living so I’m going to paint this and put it all together and then I’ll play all the Foo Fighters songs for you.

If anyone is interested I will be doing a build vlog series as well so I might post some updates. It’s going well so far!”

Roar_Im_A_Nice_Bear responded, “Great post OP! I’ve seen similar kits for cheap on Amazon at 150-200 € for a kit. I’m pretty curious, can the average dude build one? Is the quality decent?”

CallMeJeeJ said, “Well the skill level necessary actually kind of varies depending on what kit you get! You can find kits for Stratocaster or other Fender style guitars that use a bolt-on neck that are much easier to assemble. You can almost build the whole thing with a Phillips screwdriver!

This one is a bit more challenging, as it has a glued, set-neck design. You have to be handy with wood glue and clamps and make measurements to make sure all the angles and everything are correct (luckily for me, everything looks good on this one so far). Another challenge with specifically these hollow body guitar kits is that the wiring takes a lot longer to get in the guitar since it all has to be fished through the holes in the top of the body.

On top of all that, painting the thing is an art in and of itself. Takes a lot of patience. If you’re interested in learning about how a guitar works it’s a great place to start, and it’s certainly cheaper than taking apart a nice guitar and risking messing it up. Good luck if you decide to give it a shot, and feel free to ask any questions if you need help!” Josh Homme taking a brutal shot at a Foo Fighters member was revealed last week.