Green Day Singer Defends ‘Drug Meltdown’ At Show


Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong had an infamous onstage meltdown at an iHeart Radio show in 2012 when told his time onstage was almost up, going on an expletive laden rant where he mentioned Justin Bieber. Green Day recently confirmed a future Billie Joe Armstrong ‘replacement.’

Shortly thereafter, he went to rehab for cocaine and alcohol abuse, and later told Kerrang he went on an ‘excessive cocaine binge’ during the recording of the Green Day trilogy albums. Armstrong seemed to regret his onstage behavior for a few years after the show, but now he tells Q magazine that he thought it was a rock and roll moment, and admitted that he is drinking again.

“I thought it was more negative than it was. Now, I think it was one of the most punk rock moments of the last 10 years. I should have taken it as that instead of a nervous breakdown. I know it gets pretty dark for other people that were involved, like my wife and my kids, but as a piece of theatre, it was pretty amazing.”

He later said he is not ‘Mr. Sober’ anymore. “I try to choose my moments more nowadays. I’m not Mr. Sober or anything like that, but I lay off anything that’s kind of a ‘down’ narcotic. I did have five years where it was nice just to clear my head out.”

“I go through cycles where I’m really healthy, then I’ll get that feeling where I’m not…having enough fun. There’s a fine line between partying and celebrating and I definitely walk it sometimes. It’s something I’m always gonna end up dealing with, drugs and alcohol.”

Dhl1234 commented on Reddit, “I’m not anti drugs or anything like that, but hearing Still Breathing on the last album being about his sobriety, and then Junkies on a High (I think) where he says he might be the next Rock and Roll tragedy or something like that, I can’t help but feel a little nervous for the guy.” A Green Day member recently revealed a drug he used to buy.