Green Day Confirm Stunning Billie Joe Armstrong ‘Replacement’


Green Day revealed how they plan to replace Billie Joe Armstrong with his corpse when he dies someday, much like the film Weekend at Bernie’s, in a new Fuji Radio Rock interview. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments. Billie Joe Armstrong recently discussed a drug he bought with a low amount of money.

Interviewer: Will you guys be doing this in another 20 or 30 years?

Billie Joe Armstrong: Well I don’t plan on dying anytime soon. I think we’ll play as long as we’re not dead.

Tre Cool: Even then man, with science, who knows. They might prop our corpses up, and we can still be rocking way into the next three centuries.

Billie Joe: We’ll probably end up being like the movie Weekend at Bernie’s if one of us dies. We’ll just keep dragging one of us around. If I’m dead, you guys can just drag me and prop me up onstage.

DJLMCP recently posted on Reddit about Mike Dirnt’s epic onstage personality, “Okay, so I’ve been watching a ton of live footage recently. This is just my opinion, but whenever you see Mike on stage, he looks like this scary angry typical punk, especially in shots of his “shouting” vocals- and he really gets me pumped up when I’m watching.

But, when he’s offstage and in interviews, he’s really calm, nice and kind to whoever he talks to. I guess that’s his own stage presence thing, and I think it takes talent to develop one. I guess this is just further proof that GD is the best band going! What do you guys think? What about the other guys’ personalities on stage?”

Kountzwill responded, “Mike always looks like he just killed someone on stage. I love it.” Revolutionaryrecluse said, “Mike’s awesome. My friend met him backstage at American Idiot on Broadway and she said she asked to take a picture with him and he said yes, so she took a selfie but her hands were shaking so bad it didn’t come out. He apparently laughed and offered to take it and then took an epic selfie of himself and my friend. I’ve been super jealous ever since lol.” Kurt Cobain’s daughter recently reacted to a painful Green Day photo.