Rush Singer Geddy Lee Leaks Neil Peart Coke Photo


The official Instagram of Rush frontman Geddy Lee posted the following photo and snippet. The photo is actually of Lee and Alex Lifeson playing their first gig with then-new bandmate Neil Peart. Also of note is the fact that the group had to have their equipment in coke crates due to not having proper storage at the time. Geddy Lee was savagely disrespected by Rush fan at restaurant recently.

Strong memories abound whenever I return to Pittsburgh..why? Many reasons, but most importantly it was on August 14 1974 that Alex and I played our very first gig with the “new guy”… Neil Peart. As the opening act for Uriah Heep and Manfred Mann’s Earth Band we got to play all of 26 mins! We were so “green” that we didn’t even have proper road cases yet! We had to make due to with “Coke crates” for cables and whatever we could manage to protect the gear…Rush’s first “Official American Tour” was underway and I’ll never forget it… If any of you “yinzers” were there let me know!

Rush singer Geddy Lee secretly hired this big name drummer. In other news regarding Geddy Lee and Rush, fans recently discussed the legacy of one of the group’s most landmark albums, “Fly By Night.”

One fan wrote: “What else to write about this powerful album. I was just a child when it was released. I remember vividly of the impact it caused on me. When I think in powerful music, immediately I think in Rush, and the response is this album. The other one to impose the same impact on me would be released only years later, the first Van Halen album. Clearly is an album crafted by young musicians, it has an incredibly fresh environment, played with young muscles, and crafted with young creativity that is impossible to observe in old musicians. Vigorous, well played, with a mood of happy days.

Rush singer Geddy Lee recently reacted to tragic brain injury. The fan continued: “To me, even today “By Tor and The Snow Dog” sounds fresh, is one of the best rock songs ever composed, the middle section with that incredible demonstration of brutal virtuosity of Mr. Neil Peart kills me. Alex Lifeson’s guitar work in this album is amazing as well. Remembrance of my youth days always brings some Rush work to my thoughts, because Rush has been with me since the beginning. I just love this fantastic group.”