Green Day Singer Reveals Disturbing Injury


Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong discussed breaking his arm when he was younger, and how he couldn’t play guitar. Armstrong posted a classic photo and captioned it, “1986?” Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong revealed stunning Frances Bean Cobain photos a couple of days ago.

godsfaveband commented, “I think it’s from 1987. I took the screen from a short clip of the Turn it around documentary 🙌.” Armstrong responded, “@godsfaveband I was in the 8th grade. I broke my arm and couldn’t play guitar!”

Green Day drummer Tre Cool is using new drumsticks on the Father Of All Motherf**kers tour. goobel63 said on Reddit, “For the GD gearheads out there – Tre seems to be using new sticks (and I don’t mean the hockey ones) especially apparent in the iHeartRadio performance. Any idea what they are?”

Green Day made a ‘sudden’ death announcement a few days ago. mrpotatoto commented, ” I noticed that right away too! I was thinking maybe they’re coming out with a new line of signature sticks for him at Zildjian, but it could also be him just experimenting with sticks. I also noticed in a picture that he’s using different drum heads than normal too, but I can’t find that picture though I just remember I saw black suede emperor’s from Remo instead of his usual coated white.”

goobel63 chimed in, “Exactly as explained well above. It gives drummers different attack, grip, feel – it’s as personal to them as a the pick a guitarist would choose. For example, a jazz drummer would use something lighter, narrower (or even brushes) whereas the more rock inclined ones tend to be heavier.

Tre’s sticks are quite big and heavy, giving that phat Green Day sound on record and live. I ‘grew up’ drumming with them, but as I gained my own style I moved to slightly ligher, longer sticks not dissimilar to Matt Sorum’s signature.

Of course, colours look cool too (Lars Ulrich, Tico Torres etc) – I hope Tre’s refreshed his signature sticks and we can get at em!” Howard Stern called out awful Green Day rejection last week.