Green Day Tour For Classic 90’s Album Revealed?


With Blink-182 coming back with their most well-known lineup featuring Tom DeLonge, Travis Barker, and Mark Hoppus; it looks like more bands from that era are starting to capitalize on that movement as well. This is where Green Day come in to play.

Green Day may have one of the best discographies when it comes to bands within their genre. Their sound has gone from punk, to pop-punk, to ska, to arena rock, to pop. Almost on every album, they have evolved in one way or another. In fact, that’s what we saw first happen on their album ‘Nimrod’.

On the aforementioned album, Green Day took a step into the ska category. This was a step in a new direction from their albums that came before it. While many fans were not sure how well the band could do the sound; they really did deliver extremely well. The themes of the songs were in Green Day fashion, but the addition of brass sections really added something new to their music.

The album was what I would consider to be their first stab at ‘American Idiot’. While that may sound bizarre; it’s true. It’s the first time that the band really stepped out of a comfort zone of theirs and went mega-mainstream as ska was at the forefront at the time.

With this album being well loved, the band have announced that they have upcoming news about an anniversary edition of the record, possibly with a tour. If we had to guess, it looks like it’ll most likely be a remaster vinyl or a deluxe edition with extra songs which will go on streaming platforms.

Take a good long look below at what the band are saying.