Rage Against The Machine Confirm Big Name ‘Joining’ Reunion


Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello has confirmed a big name is joining them on the 2020 reunion craze. Rage Against The Machine dropped a surprising Eddie Vedder bombshell a few days ago.

Tom Morello said, “The band @stanford_prison_expermnt_band was way ahead of their time, toured with #RATM, and are BACK and in fine form. Check then OUT.”

Atlienfamman024 commented, “I remember seeing them try to open up for RATM at Masquerade Music park in ATL in 1996 right before Olympics. Poor guys had to hear RATM chants during whole set and towards end was massive audience throw 20 oz coke bottles on stage. It was ALMOST as bad as the group who opened up for them at Coachella during the first reunion who got tormented entire set before long awaited RATM show. I can’t wait for 2020!!!”

Subliminalcrmnl added, “The narrative of the Stanford prison experiment was shattered when it came out that the whole test had been staged and altered by the scientists conducting the experiment.” Dmarriott15 chimed in, “I followed this band around SoCal back in the 90’s. For me, one of the most influential bands to come out of SoCal, ever. Was just listening to them yesterday. Good Lord they are good!”

Handsomejoejackson wrote, “@tommorello , I can’t believe that band name has been staring us all in the face this whole time and no one else ever did it. Brilliant band name.” Joeragz said, “I remember these guys opening for RATM in Phoenix at the old Compton Terrace in the mid 90’s! Such great energy!” Rage Against The Machine revealed who is ‘broke’ last week.