Greta Van Fleet Claim Album ‘Doesn’t Sound Like Led Zeppelin’


Greta Van Fleet join Zane Lowe on Apple Music to discuss their new song “Heat Above” from their forthcoming album ’The Battle At Garden’s Gate’. They tell Zane Lowe on Apple Music about the song’s origins and how it serves as a thesis for the larger body of work, the forthcoming album and the evolution of their sound, and looking forward to getting back to touring.,

Greta Van Fleet Tell Apple Music About The Origins of “Heat Above”…

Sam Kiszka : Well, in a way, it acts as a bit of a thesis in this whole body of work. And it really does, I think, particularly bridge the previous album with this newest album. Years in the making. This song has been years in the making. This particular track. I think it’s the oldest track on the album. We wanted to do the track for a while and just haven’t really gotten around to it. And we pulled it off the shelf, dusted it off and reformatted it and we did some other writing on it. And I think it translated, I think, in a way particularly interesting that it’s lived through so much time and so much change, and I think it’s gotten to this point. But I would say that’s the story for a lot of the tracks, actually all the songs that we’ve ever done. It sometimes only ever gets so far as to germinate and never planted. But this is definitely one that’s come full circle.

Greta Van Fleet Tell Apple Music About Their Forthcoming Album ’The Battle At Garden’s Gate’ and the Evolution of Their Sound…

Sam Kiszka : Yeah, one word that would not describe this album appropriately would be “ambient.” I think what we did and what we generally try to do is create really dynamic album. And that’s I think what we achieved here. It really is like a puzzle and each song is a piece, and everything is necessary in that equation. And it was like the themes even tie through and connect between one song to the next. It really does exist in the same world and connects to the same world of the previous album. But I think it’s evolved form of Greta Van Fleet that’s here and now. And I think it’s how artists seem to try to do.

Josh Kiszka: You don’t want to be stagnant, oh never. And I think we’re at that point actually where we can finally say, yeah, Led Zeppelin’s obviously a big influence for us because we are not making music that sounds really anything remotely like that. What The Battle at Garden’s Gate is the coming of age of the sound of Greta Van Fleet and how Greta Van Fleet relates to the 21st century.

Greta Van Fleet Tell Apple Music About Looking Forward To Getting Back on the Road…

Sam Kiszka : That’s been I think one of those painful things is…it’s not like we’re not playing, we’re playing all the time; it’s just we’re not playing to people, so that’s a huge absence. And I think everybody’s feeling that, both the people who really want to go to these shows, the people really want to play these shows. It’s been hell for everyone I think, in that we’re missing that human connection. I don’t know. I hope this album really does do something to vicariously unite people. And hopefully it gives them a little bit of hope in that we can all return to be together and celebrate again.

Josh Kiszka: Right, and that’s what we would hope for, to have the album bring some kind of unity between people, because that’s what the live show primarily is for. It’s kind of an art exhibit and there’s a lot less pressure being that what you do won’t necessarily last forever. It’s this space in time, and it’s this interaction between a lot of minds and souls. So everything we can do to make up for the lack of touring, that’s what we gravitate toward right now.