Greta Van Fleet Icon Collapses Backstage In Sad Photos


A Greta Van Fleet Instagram fan account named i_smell_a_rat._ posted the following series of playful pictures of band member and guitarist Jake Kiszka flopping around and falling backstage in a dressing room of a recent show. You can view them below. Greta Van Fleet revealed this disturbing photo after an illness a couple of days ago.

Reddit user Infinitecataclysm99 discussed the merits of Greta Van Fleet being on a major label and whether their current label needs to “lay of the band” in a recent topic within the band’s subreddit. The user states:

“Maybe not the label but the management needs to lay off forcing them to continue a tour when the band is ill. I want them to continue to make music and if you force them this way it doesn’t lead to anything good. And as fans, we should care more about their health and less about a show. IDK just putting my thoughts out there.”

A Greta Van Fleet member was filmed suffering an embarrassing onstage fall recently. Other users on Reddit chimed in. Mattszerlag wrote: “That’s what happens when you sign with a big label from the beginning as they did. In the 70s until the 90s, Labels had tours to sell the records and in many cases, were sold to break even and fill seats. Today tours are booked to make the most amount of money possible. GvF is in high demand, but they’re not at the arena level yet. Because of that, they tour endlessly while the label pulls in truckload after truckload of money.”

ApolloEvades said: “The best kinds of bands can stick through it. It all takes integrity. Rush used to play well over 200 shows per year when they were younger and still made it 40 years.” A Greta Van Fleet member was photographed kissing an older man in an adorable resurfaced photo.