Greta Van Fleet Reveal Disturbing Photo After Illness


Greta Van Fleet have revealed a photo of singer Josh Kiszka looking depressed after the band canceled and postponed shows last week due to his health issues and flu. It’s unclear if the photo was taken recently or earlier this year. Fans zoomed in on his face in responses, showing how sad he looked.

sparrow-of-the-dawn posted, “Am I crazy, or did Apple Music change the version of Lover, Leaver? In the past it didn’t show the lyrics, and it had Josh talking in the background towards the end. Now it has the lyrics, with no talking. Did anyone notice this?”

greenbean2112 responded, “When they released it as a single, they released a shortened version of the song on the album. The album version is longer and has that weird spacey, talking part. You are probably just listening to the single version. The single version is “Lover, Leaver” and the album version is ‘Lover, Leaver (Taker, Believer).'”

A Greta Van Fleet member was photographed kissing an older man in an adorable resurfaced photo. Greta Van Fleet also recently debated if the band have one or two full length albums. DankDoodleDylan posted, “If that’s true, they would’ve already have come out with a third album because they had released 2 EPs. EPs are actually like mini albums because they normally have about 3-8 songs on them. Albums normally have about 10+ songs. Plus EPs are released by record labels so they are ‘official.'”

4LF_0N53 said, “Well, Black Smoke and From the Fires are just the same thing but cut in half. Don’t worry, some guy just explained it to me.”

DankDoodleDylan wrote, “What I’m saying is take a band like The Foo Fighters for example. Everyone says that they have released 9 albums. But they have released many EPs. And you don’t see people counting those as albums. Basically EPs are official, but most people don’t count them as albums. I’m not trying to rude and say that what you believe is wrong, but I’m saying that normally, bands don’t count their EPs as albums.” A Greta Van Fleet member was filmed suffering an embarrassing onstage fall recently.