Greta Van Fleet Member Brutally Disrespected On Plane


Greta Van Fleet bassist Sam Kiszka was recently disrespected by bandmate Danny Wagner on a plane in a hilarious photo. Greta Van Fleet recently discussed a ‘last performance.’

Gretavanfrench posted, “When Sammy and Danny wait for the plane to take off. Just if I was this guy next to Sammy I wouldn’t sleep but I would be clearly in Sammy’s arms crying so it would be amazing.”

A rumor was just posted on Reddit that Greta Van Fleet will release a new single in February. The report comes from a radio station via a Facebook group.

Lisa_Bdr posted, “My theory was that they wanted to remain very quiet in January (regarding their social media) in order to raise the excitement and then after a month of waiting and a big nothingness release it on February 1st. If that’s not the case, I think it will be in March, bc this is the last time I would consider it “early” 2020, which is when they announced it would be released.

What do you think? I thin my first theory is a little flawed, since Josh posted quite some stuff on Instagram in the last weeks, but who knows?”

Joshlritter responded, “I definitely agree that keeping quiet this month is to raise hype for the album. Not sure about February 1st, but who knows. Yeah Josh made a post but the official band account has been suspiciously quiet, so I think you might be right.”

Superredux22 asked, “Is this legitimate though? Sorry for asking just wanted to double cheek.” Joshlritter answered, “Seems like it is. This is on the Greta Van Fleet Army Facebook page and apparently ‘new music coming’ was mentioned on an XM radio station.” A Greta Van Fleet member was recently spotted with an older actress.