Megan Fox Shows Floatation Devices In Grammys Video

Megan Fox attended the Grammys with Machine Gun Kelly, and showed off her beautiful body, as seen in a video below.

Lisa Marie Presley made her final appearance at the Golden Globes, but sadly she won’t be at the Grammys tonight. If you thought life insurance policies could reach the millions – you are right in your thinking. But consider the late Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis Presley. It has been revealed that her life insurance policy is worth 35 million dollars. That’s right folks, 35 MILLION DOLLARS!

According to TMZ, Lisa Marie Presley was millions of dollars in debt at the end of her life, but the moment she died, her estate was flush with cash — to the tune of $35 million. Isn’t that something. Sadly, most celebrities are in debt – but publicists and media never report the fact that they are living on borrowed and or lent and or speculative credit.