Greta Van Fleet Reveal If They Hate Each Other Like Oasis


In a new Forbes interview, Greta Van Fleet discussed how they are avoiding the fate of Oasis, despite brothers Josh, Jake, and Sam Kiszka being in the band together much like Noel and Liam Gallagher in Oasis.

For Jake, the band has an upper hand on others. While all bands strive to be like a family one day, they have very little choice, adding that “even Daniel in that equation is very much like a brother.” For Wagner, being the lone member who is not a brother gives him some extra leverage when things get heated. The guys have seen each other almost every day in the past year, bass guitarist Sam Kiszka estimated all but four days, and the fact they were brought up close and learned to love and communicate with each other has proved invaluable. “A lot of brothers hate each other by now historically in bands,” he added.

There is a sordid history of bands with brothers. From the Gallagher brothers of Oasis to the Followill brothers from Kings of Leon, mixing family and business can often lead to turmoil. Greta Van Fleet makes a concerted effort to avoid that fate.

Josh said that the band tries to keep in mind that they are writing their own story, rather than the cautionary tales of those who came before them or some dramatic script. That being said, he admits they do try to learn lessons from history. Overall they just try to “keep playing and creating and writing. There is a genuine spirit and energy that we would like to keep flowing.”