Jason Newsted Disrespected At Metallica Show By Big Name


Despite being sent a photo of Metallica with Jason Newsted clearly visible in the photo, Donny Osmond recently said he didn’t recall for sure who was on bass, though he thought it was Newsted and he was great. Metallica screwing Newsted on a classic album was recently called out.

A fan named Karen tweeted, “Hey @donnyosmond do you remember this photo with @Metallica?”

Osmond responded, “I remember this @Metallica concert well. It was in Long Beach back in ’86. What I remember most was the musicianship. I don’t recall who was on bass. I think it was Jason Newsted. He was crazy good. Of course, James Hetfield was amazing as well. Ok, the whole band was amazing!”

Newsted recently discussed KISS and Gene Simmons, “We would go in as a spearhead, and made it possible for other people to play after, just like Iron Maiden did for us, or KISS in some places, or something like that. All of those places don’t allow music still to this day, so it’s round and round. You can’t always go play and jam whenever you want, as loud as you want, like we do.

It’s really an incredible freedom that we have, we shouldn’t take it for granted. We all play our own songs, and our own playlists, and whatever machines we have in our cars and homes. Magical, as loud as we want, it’s a beautiful thing. I don’t ever take it for granted.” A Jason Newsted comeback performance video recently blew away Metallica fans.