Greta Van Fleet Surprising New Drummer In Video Revealed


Greta Van Fleet changed things up for a recent blues jam performance, with Josh Kiszka taking over on drums, Danny Wagner playing bass, and Jake Kiszka on harmonica. Sam Kiszka played keys, which real Greta Van Fleet fans will already know he plays on certain songs! A hilarious Greta Van Fleet facial hair photo was revealed a few days ago.

pinkechoes23 wrote on YouTube:

“Visit – the Ultimate Greta Van Fleet News Resource! Josh- Drums. Jake- Harmonica. Danny- Bass. Sammy- Keys. Thanks to Jolene Vladimir for going Facebook live from down under!”

Bella Donna commented:

“I was there, this was SO EPIC! Wish you had recorded landscape instead of portrait but thanks for uploading, I was too busy dancing to film. Did video the 1st ever concert version of Anthem though, also EPIC!”

Jim wrote:

“The commentary was also epic. Thanks for sharing the human experience with those of us that can’t make it to one of their concerts. ‘I don’t even know where to look!’ EPIC! Bless you.”

Jeff Reed said:

“Now if they can incorporate this type of playing into the stuff thats goes on radio…BINGO….do it guys…;)…love the all out blues assault made me an even more a fan now.”

The jam was uploaded in two parts on YouTube. Greta Van Fleet singer Josh Kiszka was caught drinking in a beach photo a week ago.