Greta Van Fleet Singer Goes Crazy At Disneyland


Greta Van Fleet had their mother Karen Kiszka recently discussed Josh Kisza’s younger days with The Ladies of Comedy. Alternative Nation transcribed her comments. Greta Van Fleet partying with a bandmate’s sister was recently revealed.

Karen Kiszka: When Joshua [Kiszka] was seven years old, we went down to Disney. It was just after 9/11, there were huge lines to get in and we were standing there and standing there. I got these four little kids and I’m missing one and I’m like:

“Where’s Josh?!”

Kiszka: I see Josh and there is one lone tree that’s in a raised bed and Joshua is standing up on that thing doing a mime thing. Like, he just struck a pose and he just stood there, people were running to him and he just shifted to another pose. I was like:

“Oh my God, oh my God, I gotta stop – wait why?”

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Kiszka: People were walking up and touching him and going:

Oh, that’s so cool.”

Kiszka: And walking by and looking at him, and part of me was like:

“Nope that’s not okay!”

Kiszka: And the other part of me was like:

“Just because I wouldn’t have had the guts to do that doesn’t mean it’s not healthy for him. That’s who he is, let him do it.”

Greta Van Fleet are expected to release a new album in late 2019 or 2020 produced by Foo Fighters and Paul McCartney producer Greg Kurstin.

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