Greta Van Fleet Member Parties With Bandmate Sister


Greta Van Fleet drummer Danny Wagner’s mother Lori Wagner recently discussed the band’s early days with The Ladies of Comedy. Alternative Nation transcribed her comments. Greta Van Fleet’s singer was recently called out for forgetting lyrics.

Host #1: So what is it like for Danny being the non-Kiszka?

Lori Wagner: As the brother from another mother?

Hosts: Yeah!

Wagner: That is exactly what he is. You know, they are such welcoming boys and Danny doesn’t feel like an outsider. Obviously, he isn’t a brother by blood but they welcome him as a brother. The four of them have the most amazing bond. I had my daughter’s open house in June and the boys were home, they hadn’t seen each other in two days and when the Kiszkas came to my daughter’s party Daniel ran across the lawn to hug them. I’m thinking:

“You just saw them!”


Josh Kiszka showed off his newly growing mustache in a photo a few days ago.

Wagner: Again, I got chills because I thought:

“How neat is that?”

Host #2: That’s awesome and that chemistry shows you know, on stage. Very genuine.

Wagner: It does. It’s not fake, they are all very genuine boys with huge, huge, hearts.