Ozzy Osbourne Rejected By Rock Icon After Tragic News


Ozzy Osbourne nearly had a rock icon for a bandmate:Michael Schenker! Ozzy Osbourne recently mocked Ghost singer Tobias Forge.

He revealed the news in Michael Schenker Fest’s album trailer for ‘Revelation.’ He said he rejected replacing Randy Rhoads after his tragic death.

“I was tempted to do it. I said, ‘How can I get away from this?’ And then Cozy [Powell] was saying, ‘You can’t do this. We’re doing ‘Assault Attack’ now. We just got Graham Bonnet.’ And I thought, ‘I’ll just ask him for the impossible. He [will] say no.’ And that’s what I did. So I asked for the impossible with the hope that he would say no. And then I was off the hook.”

Howard Stern recently revealed if Ozzy Osbourne’s wife is ugly. Schenker said he was asked to join Aerosmith to replace Joe Perry in the late 70’s, replace Mick Taylor in The Rolling Stones in the 70s, and Lemmy Kilmister asked him to join Motorhead when they formed. He’s sure turned down some great gigs!

He told The Bigfoot Diaries, “Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne or any other band with history was not good for me. It would always mean that I would have to learn other guitarist’s riffs. And that was not what I wanted. I was born to create and invent.” Ozzy Osbourne’s wife allegedly had his home raided for drugs.