Greta Van Fleet Singer Pulls Down Pants In Bizarre Photo


A hilarious photo of Greta Van Fleet frontman Josh Kiszka backstage at a show with his pants pulled down drinking alcohol with a fridge full of booze open recently was posted on a Greta Van Fleet Instagram fan page. Greta Van Fleet are known for their hilarious fan friendly photos that especially drive their younger fans crazy, and this is the latest one!

Kiszka discussed opening for Bob Seger in a Sleaze Roxx interview.

Sleaze Roxx: I guess where I am going with this is I know you guys opened a show for the legendary Bob Seger in Saginaw, Michigan in September. Must have been a nice homecoming for the band.

Josh Kiszka: Yes, [laughs] and we were lucky we got in there just in time. It was humbling and it was kind of like full circle. Growing up, we heard a lot of Bob Seger on the radio and I don’t know that I cared for all of the rock and roll music or much of it even, I could say. But for some reason, Bob Seger was very special to me in that he had a lot of blues about him and a real appreciation for the roots of what rock and roll was. I loved listening to that growing up, and to be able to hear it live and even meeting Bob Seger and talking with him was kind of like an amazingly surreal experience.