Ozzy Osbourne Makes Bold Drug Demand At Hospital


Legendary Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne was recently interviewed on SiriusXM by Billy Morrison bandmate Billy Morrison, and he discussed what he told his doctor at the hospital about the amount of drugs he wants. Ozzy Osbourne revealed a drug worse than heroin a couple of days ago.

Ozzy Osbourne: What I do when I see my doctor, because I’m a pill freak, I go, if you had one, take one away. Because you know in this town, ‘Take 4 of these 9 times a day.’

Billy Morrison: They will give you anything, it’s crazy.

Ozzy: This fucking opioid epidemic is amazing. Mind you, I’m middle age.

Billy: I often think, but there was an epidemic in the 70’s and 80’s.

Ozzy: And 60’s.

Ozzy Osbourne recently featured on Post Malone’s new song “Take What You Want” with Travis Scott. A Red Hot Chili Peppers member made a bold claim about the Ozzy and Post Malone song yesterday.

Ash Wilson tweeted, “Who the fuck is this Ozzy Osbourne guy I bet he’s gonna be massive thanks to posty.”

Edd tweeted, “who tf is ozzy osbourne ???!??! this is why I love post malone for shining light on unknown artists.”

Roman said, “That new post Malone song with Travis Scott and mother fucking Ozzy Osbourne is the best song I’ve heard all year hands down.”

Gracyn Fisher wrote, “Me an Ozzy fan: *Plays new Post Malone song featuring Ozzy Osbourne* My Generation: ‘who’s this ozzy person?'”

Deranged wrote on the Black-Sabbath forums, “Never heard of Post Malone. The auto tune is strong with the other singer – sounds like a robot. At least there’s a guitar solo.” Ozzy Osbourne revealed his fear of going broke earlier this week.