Greta Van Fleet Take Name From Surprising Member After Firing


Greta Van Fleet bassist Sam Kiszka discussed how the Greta Van Fleet band name originally came from an elderly dutch woman during a new interview recently conducted. Alternative Nation transcribed Kiszka’s comments. Greta Van Fleet singer Josh Kiszka flirted with a tall blonde in a recent video.

Kiszka: Greta Van Fleet came, from short, an elderly woman, we took her name basically. It’s a dutch name and it came from our hometown in Frankenmuth, Michigan. There was practice one day and our past drummer said:

“I have to leave practice early today, I have to go cut wood for Gretna Van Fleet”

Kiszka: Which was actually her name, Gretna with an N in there. Josh was like:

“What did you just say?!” 

Kiszka: And our past drummer was like:

“Gretna Van Fleet”

Kiszka: At that moment, we knew that was the band name. We had been looking for a band name forever and had this really cool gig downtown in Frankenmuth to play a show in front of a bunch of people. This was our first, actual, proper show and so that’s how it all really all came together – it was a last minute decision.

The former drummer Kiszka is referring to is Kyle Hauck, who was fired from the band, but it appears they kept the name that he first brought forward. The fired Greta Van Fleet drummer making stunning remarks was recently revealed.