AC/DC Icon Makes Gross Remark To Famous Actor


AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson is a world class singer, but he is also great at gross jokes! Actor and comedian Jim Breuer recently revealed a savage remark Johnson made on the Appetite for Distortion podcast with Brando. Alternative Nation transcribed Breuer’s comments. Brian Johnson making a sad remark after Angus Young dismissed him from AC/DC was revealed last week, as rumors persist that an AC/DC reunion tour is in the works.

Breuer: I remember Brian’s dad having a conversation about Nazi Germans and he was like:

“You know Jim, the Americans get a different history than us in England and the Europeans do”

Brando: I believe it.

Breuer: It’s a fact, it’s definitely a fact. as a matter of fact news and everything is different. We don’t think it’s different but it is harshly different.  Now I’m not saying which side is right. I’m just saying –

Brando: The perspective and the way it’s delivered [is different].

Breuer: It’s like going to the neighborhood:

“Oh did you see the accident”

No, but I heard this, what did you hear”

Brando: Like a game of telephone.

Brian Johnson recently made a bold concert demand to a big name. The interview continued:

Breuer: Yeah, that’s right. Yet he goes:

“You know Jim, they are a lot smarter and the world underestimates [the Germans]. They are a very smart and organized people. They were technically far more advanced than the rest of the world and they still are. Think about it – a place the size of Rhode Island just walked over Europe like they were nothing. They were about to invade the [United] States because were off of Florida with their boats. That’s pretty powerful.”

Breuer: Then he goes:

“But you know the most amazing thing about the Germans?”

Breuer: I go: ‘No what’?

“They don’t have a wood for nipple! How can you be so powerful and you can’t say nipple!”

Breuer: And I was just dying in laughter. He just hit you with these out of left field jokes that are so funny.

A surprising new Brian Johnson haircut photo was revealed a few days ago.

Listen to “Jim Breuer talks AC/DC, Metallica, and Axl Rose | Ep. 138” on Spreaker.