Greta Van Fleet Have Wardrobe Malfunction At Concert


You’re the one (to see Sam Kiszka’s nipple!) A Greta Van Fleet fan page recently took to social media via Instagram to leak this extraordinary picture of the Greta Van Fleet bassist showing off one of his most private and sensitive areas – his nipple! This Greta Van fleet singer falls onstage in a brutal video. The retro nip slip comes from one of Greta Van Fleet’s past shows. You can view this scandalous photo below. A Greta Van Fleet breakup threat by a big name was revealed recently.

In other news regarding the band, a member of the group’s rapid fanbase, known as the Peaceful Army took to social media via Reddit to weight their thoughts on the Greta Van Fleet/Led Zeppelin debate.

A Tool producer revealed who Greta Van Fleet ripped off earlier this week. u/orange_joe279 sounded off: “Anyone else think Greta sounds more like Rush than Led Zeppelin?? Call me crazy.. But I think that because Led Zeppelin is so much more wide spread and popular, people, mostly the internet, latched onto them so people understood what they were saying. Someone who doesn’t know about rock n roll would so much more likely recognize LZ over Rush. Rush is more niche and ahead of its time. I hear so much more Geddy Lee than Robert Plant in Josh. Call me crazy down in the comments I guess. A lot of comments and some interesting opinions. What I’ve concluded is for me, the vocals and song arrangements sound so much more Rush than anything, but as many of you have pointed out, the drumming is nothing like Peart, and the guitar is much more bluesy and hard than Lifeson. And i guess we can never forget that John Paul Jones played bass and organ, just like Sam 😛