Greta Van Fleet Breakup Threat Revealed By Actress


Greta Van Fleet singer Josh Kiszka has a famous fan with a weird breakup fantasy. Former top 8 American Idol contestant and actress Alyssa Raghu said she wants to date Josh Kiszka and then breakup with him. Tool’s producer revealed why Greta Van Fleet imitated yesterday.

She tweeted, “I want to go through a terrible and romantic rockstar relationship where the breakup is so sad and I cry just like I did when watching a Star is born but it’s worth remembering when I’m 78, preferably josh from greta van fleet.”

slf_dprctng_hmr asked on Greta Van Fleet’s Reddit if filming should be allowed at their shows. Greta Van Fleet were stunned by tragic news a few days ago.

“Should I film at the concert? I’m probably overthinking this but I know that seeing Greta this week is gonna be quite emotional for me. I want to experience everything to the fullest extent that I can but at the same time I know I’m lucky enough to live in a time where I can preserve that experience for my future self by filming it on my phone.

I also know there will almost certainly be other people at the concert who are going to film it and I will most likely be able to find clips online from people who were seated at closer/better angles than me anyway. So IDK should I ditch the phone ?? Any thoughts?”

Arcturus76 responded, “My wife and I didn’t film at Red Rocks two weeks ago tonight. We didn’t record at all and I have done regrets. Everyone else was. BUT, I will tell you that nothing compares the sound of actually being there. It was magical and therapeutic. I say soak it in. Don’t waste too much time recording the show or you’ll miss it. Get what I’m sayin?” Greta Van Fleet suffered an embarrassing accident at a recent show.