Motley Crue First Rumored Reunion Show Revealed


Will we see Motley Crue perform in 2020? Not only could we see them perform in 2020 but we could see it at their potential Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. Motley Crue wants you to know who true ‘victims’ are in this sad photo. It was recently revealed that the band is leading the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s fan vote. Should Motley Crue get in, they will perform! Motley Crue’s co-founder and bassist was very optimistic on the opportunity as he tweeted out the following. A Motley Crue legend revealed this crazy Vince Neil alcohol photo a couple of days ago.

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Great thing to share with my Motley brothers and Crueheads. We’re almost 40 years together. 🏴‍☠️ Why not?

In other news regarding Motley Crue, fans took to social media via the official Facebook of the group to praise the news that the band is in consideration to join the hollowed halls of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 

Jennifer wrote: “Fan votes are important regardless. Fans are who the band is selling to…and any true Rock n Roll fan knows that The Crüe were always ahead of their time! They have made a major impact in music and music culture! They deserve to be there. When it’s said they were blacklisted due to “how they’ve acted”, I say, that’s exactly why they deserve to be there! They are Rock and Roll!”

Kurtis put: ” I’m not sure about this one. While all the bands deserve recognition for their longevity, their careers and their music above all, would Crue really want to be part of this institution? It’s one of those achievements that I guess bands used to strive for but it seems kinda irrelevant these days when you have Cher on a Rock list…”

Troy said: “Maiden and Crue in the same year would be flipping awesome! Blink 182 is a bit of an innovator so they merit some consideration. Having been in radio when they were getting going, I know they were definitely at the head of the pack of bands in that style of music. Much like Korn, Blink 182 was a trendsetter and sparked a lot of stylistic followers who are influencers and stars in today’s current popular music.” A Motley Crue icon hotel disrespect was revealed not too long ago.