Grunge Festival With Big Names Debuts In 2022


Grungeheads and fans of the 90s rejoice! For those looking for a fun day out, celebrating all things flannel and music then the Flannel Nation festival will be right up your alley. This all-ages event will feature “a day of live music with some of the era’s top bands, tons of delicious food trucks, craft beer, full bar, and lots of retail vendors for shopping.”

This classic grunge band could be releasing a huge sequel album. The lineup that is slated to appear for this festival, which will go down on August 13th, 2022 at the Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro, California is Everclear, Soul Asylum, Candlebox, Filter, Cracker, Fastball, and Sponge. It should be noted that more bands are scheduled to be announced – including a special guest headliner for this particular event. If you wish to purchase tickets, you can do so HERE.

Earlier this year, Filter frontman Richard Patrick discussed his controversial single ‘Murica’ and what he set out to accomplish by making that track. That track is off the group’s upcoming studio album of the same name. In conversation with Blabbermouth, Patrick would state the following: “I just wanted to show this surreal, crazy side of what America looks like. I am doing it just so the record shows that someone was willing to f***in’ say something about the right. Something about how crazy they are.

Patrick would continue: “A lot of my fans are from the right, and they’re, like, ‘Man, I like ‘Hey Man, Nice Shot’. Why are you f***ing talking about politics?’ Because it has to be done. Someone has to say it. I’m not hearing a lot of hip-hop guys sayin’ it. Country music represents the right. I’m not hearing anyone from the left say anything. Let the public record show that I tried something during this period that at least maybe 100,000 fans are going to see on YouTube. At least I know that I said something, and I tried, and that’s it.”