Tool Fan Throws Water Bottle At Bassist


The band Tool has some of the most rowdy fans that you could ever come across. So many of the fans of the band have a deep love and connection with the group. When you have that kind of fan mentality, many people will do a lot of things to get even closer to the band or to get noticed by the band. This Has happened many times in music history. Let us not forget the tragic things that of happened to artists just because a fan wanted to get noticed by them and so they could feel closer and ever connected to them for life.

Thankfully, this isn’t as bad. A rude fan recently threw a water bottle onto the stage and ended up hitting Tool bassist, Justin Chancellor. An open letter was then put up on Reddit in hopes that the fan would see how much tragedy they caused everyone around them at the show. The open letter on Reddit called the fan who is obnoxious many names and Reddit commenters joined in on the fun with poking at the relentless fan who made everybody’s night so horrible at the show.

One Reddit user stated: “Yeah, I was in section 20 and had a good view of the shenanigans. I saw three water bottles fly on stage and could pinpoint the guy in the section next to us that threw one of them. It was a full unopened water bottle. This dude had already almost gotten kicked out earlier, then he went to buy a water bottle just so he could throw it on stage. It happened in the middle of Descending. Thankfully that is a long song and the whole altercation only took about 5 minutes.”

Reports say that the fan was ejected from the show and all went well afterwards. Surely this fan will never be back to a Tool show.