Guns N’ Roses Blames Member For Plagiarizing Song


MSL shared more rumors regarding Chris Pitman’s lawsuit against Guns N’ Roses on GNRTruth.

“IF he’s been owed 125k for four years and finally felt there was no way to get paid without hiring a lawyer, the lawsuit would have nothing to do with spite and everything to do with getting paid. There’s no way Pitman has enough money to where he could just let 125k slide. So IF he’s really owed the money, I don’t see how it’s spite. If he made it up, then sure ya it could be out of spite to make the band look bad. But we don’t have the facts and have no way of knowing whether the accusation is true.

We don’t know when it was filed. We just know the media recently found out about it. Could have been filed last week, could have been filed months ago. Based on the available information, we have no idea.

I do know that GNR feels he was responsible for the very costly mistake (or intentional plagiarism) concerning the Riad sample. Could that play a factor in this situation? Sure, it could. We really don’t know.”