Guns N’ Roses Cancel Show For Sad Reason


It was recently reported that Guns N’ Roses and their infamous frontman Axl Rose had difficulty performing overseas recently at a show in London, England. The reason for this was because Rose’s voice allegedly gave out. As a reminder, he would state the following during that particular set:

“I went to a doctor to get checked out and slept here last night to make sure. So I’m going to change the songs vocally, I hope you don’t mind.”

In an update, it is now being reported by UK-based outlet, The Sun that Guns N’ Roses upcoming performance in Glasgow, Scotland will no longer take place. The event was initially intended to go down on Tuesday, July 5th. A note from promoters has read as the following:

“The Guns N’ Roses show at Glasgow Green due to take place tomorrow (Tuesday 5th July) will no longer be going ahead.

“Sadly, due to illness and medical advice, GNR will not be able to perform in Glasgow, tomorrow 5-July-2022. We are working on rescheduling options for this show so please hold onto your tickets and wait for a further update.”
“Ticket buyers have been contacted with an update on their ticket and all tickets for the rescheduled show will be valid.”

Fans over on the Guns N’ Roses subreddit have been already discussing this heartbreaking news as one fan, going by the username Buckethead7777 proclaimed: “I’m so sorry to everyone who had to miss out, id be heartbroken too…. hopefully everyone gets their money back and will get to see them soon!”

While mynameis_mabel said: “I’m in tears, I can’t believe it. Was SO looking forward to this. But equally, understand illness is an illness, and Axl’s vocal chords are struggling”

It should be noted that the group’s upcoming show in Munich Germany which is scheduled to go take place on Friday, July 8th is as of now officially still taking place.