Guns N’ Roses Give Excuse For Bad Live Singing


Guns N’ Roses made their historic debut at Glastonbury on Saturday night, gracing the legendary Pyramid stage with their electrifying rock ‘n’ roll. After a separation that spanned several years, the iconic LA rock legends reunited, and their performance was met with overwhelming excitement from fans at the Somerset festival. Frontman Axl Rose, accompanied by guitar virtuoso Slash and bassist Duff McKagan, led the seven-piece band in a set filled with timeless classics like “Sweet Child O’ Mine” and “Welcome To The Jungle.”

However, as the band took the stage, some eagle-eyed viewers tuned into the BBC coverage noticed an intermittent issue with Rose’s vocals. While the rest of the band’s sound remained impeccable, his voice seemed to fade in and out throughout the performance, causing frustration among the audience watching from home.

As reported by WalesOnline – Social media erupted with comments from disgruntled fans voicing their concerns. Ricky Davidson expressed his observation on Twitter, stating: “Seriously, it looks like Axl is singing his heart out but the mic is not having it.”

Rix Hendersen added: “Watching GnR on an OLED with Ambilight and in UHD is great, but I wish they’d stop cocking about with Axl’s mic. The mix is all over the place.” Another fan humorously remarked, “They’ve set that microphone lower than my current bank balance.”

Despite these technical difficulties, the issue appeared to resolve itself at times during the set.

However, during the performance of “Rocket Queen,” the sound problems worsened, leaving viewers even more frustrated. The BBC’s music correspondent, Mark Savage, attended the festival in person and reported that there were no sound issues for those present at the event.

A statement was released, where it said that any issues that viewers were hearing issues with the show due to a streaming issue. We will have to see if these issues persists as the days come.